Mark Hominick

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After 11 years of battling the top warriors on the planet, Mark Hominick has made his statement. He's been a champion and a challenger, he's won and he's lost. He has always been a professional and gave everything of himself to his craft.

Now Mark is offering his intense training regimen and MMA expertise to gyms, clubs and fitness organizations across North America, in his “Never Give Up” hands on seminars.

About Mark

  • One of Canada's most decorated MMA fighters
  • Former UFC #1 competitor in the featherweight division
  • 9 time Canadian MMA Champion
  • North American Kickboxing Champion
  • Regarded as one of the most technical strikers to compete in the UFC
  • Over 11 years of competition experience in MMA in the most prominent organisations

Hire Mark to teach an MMA seminar

  • Mark will visit your gym and host a 3 hour MMA seminar, covering techniques, training and method fundamentals
  • Seminar open to all skills and abilities
  • Hands on training and application
  • Limited number of participants per seminar

Hire Mark to be the inspirational keynote or feature session at your next main event

  • Mark and his team will build a custom, 1 hour speaking and MMA demonstration
  • A feature event for conferences, sales meetings, executive retreats, annual meetings, fundraising kick-offs and more
  • Demonstration includes punching, kicking and grappling
  • Mark can speak from between 5 and 20 minutes about his professional fight journey, inspirational life challenges, training regimen and his personal approach to goal setting and achievement


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